welc0me in!

Welcome to c0sm0p0litician. My name is c0sm0 (cosmo). Until I get this site up and running and/or figured out, here is a list of failed Artist Bios that I wrote the other day while preparing for this…

c0sm0p0litician is an artist who values community despite being an introvert. they started with poetry but have since evolved to experiment with other mediums. they value community in the face of isolation and create with words, tarot, video games, and conversation. when they’re not writing or divining, they can be found poorly playing video games on twitch.

they are a capybara who has assumed human form and they vibe while they write and play games.

they never know what to write here because so few things are worth having an organizer read out loud when people will get to see for themselves.

they have a weird habit of accidentally becoming a central character.

A black and white photo of Cosmo, a nonbinary white person covering their left eye with their hand. Their visible tattoos are the word gold on their fingers and a broken pocket watch on the back of their hand.
A picture of c0sm0 taken by photojournalist Samantha Eileen Laurey in May 2022. An updated version of their former headshot, also taken by her.